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One of the top questions that I get asked is: “Do you think that winners are just predisposed to winning and losers to losing? I mean look at the background that I came from. I didn’t come from much is there any shot of me becoming a winner?”

My answer: Yes. 100%. You can win.

Look, there is a formula to winning. There’s a formula to dominate in your life.

Everybody wants to be a winner, yet most people I speak to feel like they’re losing. Whether it’s the fact that they still haven’t lost the weight that they said they were going to lose ten years ago. Or, they still aren’t getting paid what they’re worth. Or maybe, they still haven’t saved enough money to become financially independent.

The definition of insanity is this doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. If you see other people around you winning, it’s time to start paying attention to what those people are doing. Don’t just sit back and judge them. Don’t just sit back and make excuses on why they’re winning, and you’re not.

About six weeks ago I was in a meeting, and a lady asked me, “Steve, what’s your definition of hell?” The first answer that came to mind was: Hell is waking up in the morning because somebody else is telling me what time I have to go to work – driving in the same traffic every day. Hell is begging my boss for a $5,000 raise and a few extra days of vacation at the end of every year. Hell is a life where I never actually lose the weight that I say I’m going to lose. A life where I don’t have time to save money and get wealthy, yet I have a fantasy football league and I binge-watch Netflix. I’m prioritizing all of the things in my life that don’t serve me. That’s my definition of hell.

I know it’s a little intense, but it should be. This is your life and life is real and intense. Especially when you’re focused on moving forward. I don’t care if you’re 18 or if you’re 60, once you understand the formula of success and the mindset of a winner it’s never too late to change. It starts today.

If you understand the mindset of a winner, you can do in five to seven years what 99% of humans will never accomplish over their lifetime.

So, let’s get started. There are five concepts in the secret formula for dominating your life that I want you to understand.

5 Concepts that Winners Understand

  1. The Law of Diminishing Intent
    It’s a very simple concept. The longer it takes you to do something, the less likely you are ever to do it. It’s the law of procrastination. The longer it takes you to get started on losing that weight or saving that money or starting that business, the less likely it is ever to happen.

    Procrastination kills more dreams than haters ever will. There have been times where I’ve blamed other people for my lack of success, but it usually comes down to procrastination. It’s easy to blame the people around us for why we don’t do something, but we need to understand that its usually a lack of initiative on our part that holds us back.
  2. Focus on Getting into the Smaller Rooms
    A lot of people go to conferences to be around CEOs and successful people and then they’re the first ones to leave the meetings. They go home early. They don’t want to come to the meeting after the meeting. Winners are always in the last meeting of the night. They never want to be the first one to leave. When the crowd thins out what’s left over? The real champions. The real champions make arrangements never to be the first one to go. You always want to get in the small room

    It’s crowded at the bottom, and you need to do everything you can to separate yourself from the pack.
  3. The Storm is Coming
    This one makes me emotional because this happened to me. There will be a point where somebody in your life passes away or gets sick, or something happens to you that’s unexpected. My question for you, when the storm comes, how big is your boat? Are you going to be on a little dinghy with one oar in the middle of the ocean or will you be on a cruise liner?

    In 2009 my storm hit me pretty hard. I have severe Crohn’s disease. After 27 years of battling with my disease, I lost my colon, rectum, and part of my small intestine. Although I had been sick for a long time, this storm was unexpected and I almost passed away. I was in the hospital on and off for the entire year. Thankfully, I had built myself a little business. It wasn’t much, but after five years it was paying me 150k a year, whether I got out of bed or not.

    A couple of years after that my son got diagnosed with IBD/IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and had to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital. The storm had hit our family again. But I was prepared for the storm. Every day I get up, I’m preparing for the next storm, the next recession, the next family emergency, the next financial crisis.

    Winners understand that the storm is coming, and they prepare for it. They don’t get caught up in the good times and blue skies; they are ready for what may happen.
  4. Hit Your Window
    Imagine a window that is slowly closing. When that window eventually closes – your time to do what you intended to do is up, and you can’t go back. In a broader sense, that window represents our life. When our window closes, that’s it, no second chances.

    People often tell me, “Steve, you always say to be in a hurry, but opportunities are better today than they were ten years ago.” The opportunities in the world always seem to get better, but you still get a year older. I don’t know about you but every year that I get older I start thinking a little more about what the end has in store.

    Every single person has a window and at some point, that window is going to close. At some point, you’ll stop doing what you’re doing to reach your goals. Some of you might retire because you’ve achieved success and when you retire your window has closed. You’re no longer earning money; you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour. For some of you, the window will close because you miss the opportunity, or you got sick, or you passed away like I almost did in 2009.

    Every single day your window is closing and now is the time to get after it. Winners are obsessed with hitting their window.
  5. You’re Going to Wish You Started Sooner
    Winners understand that when they look back in five years, the only thing they’ll want to have changed is when they started.

    I’ve heard this from every single entrepreneur that I’ve ever interviewed. They all feel that if they had known how good it felt to feel accomplished, to be doing something significant – they would have started a lot earlier.

    People will tell you that being successful is usually a lot more challenging than they thought it would be, but they will also always tell you that it’s a thousand times more worth it. That should give you some indication that you got to get started right now. If you knew how good it felt to have no debt, to be getting paid what you’re worth and to love what you do. Don’t get me wrong there will still be problems your capacity to handle those problems will increase as you gain momentum in your life. If you knew how good it felt to feel like you had control of your life, I think you would start a lot sooner.