Why People Quit

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  • fitness
  • Oct 22 2018
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The topic for today’s Motivational Monday is why people quit. I think we are in an era of quitting.

  • People are quitting on their relationships. They’re waiting for others to change but they’re not willing to change themselves.
  • People are quitting on their fitness. They’re willing to give up on pursuing the self-confidence and self-love that comes with it.
  • People are quitting on their business. When the real work starts, they jump ship.

Everywhere you look, people are quitting. The problem with being a quitter is that it diminishes your credibility with others and, more importantly, yourself. You lose trust in yourself and settle for mediocrity.

Have you ever hung around somebody that has quit in a lot of areas of their life? Maybe their fitness, relationships, or on their last business? Did you ever think to yourself that they settled? They settled for comfort, security and being average and ordinary. Maybe it started out as a phase and then one-year lead to two and two years lead to ten, and next thing you know, these people are living lives of quiet desperation. It all started when they developed that habit of quitting.

Why is everyone quitting?

Lack of belief.

People quit because they don’t believe in the cause they are a part of or themselves. Here’s an example: I believe that most people would love to be in better shape. I think that most people would choose to have a better marriage or relationship. I think most people would want to be debt free. I believe that if people had the choice, they would want to earn multiple six figures. Lastly, I think that a lot of people, if not everybody, would love the idea of giving back, making a huge impact and changing people’s lives.

But most people don’t and most people won’t.

The reason most people don’t achieve these things is because they quit as a result of their lack of belief. People aren’t avoiding physical fitness, healthy relationships and financial success, they just don’t pursue them to their end because they lack belief in their ability to achieve success in those areas.

A lot of people that are really good at starting. They are great at getting hyped up and developing a little bit of a game plan and then they quit. They endure just enough pain to be uncomfortable for a little while and then they quit.

How can you tell someone you know, work with or even yourself is starting to quit? Spotting someone in the process of quitting is not difficult. You have to listen to them and watch their body language. Here are some things to look for:

3 Signs Someone is starting to Quit

  1. They stop showing up regularly or stop showing up early.

    Someone in the early stages of quitting will start showing up just on time or a little bit late. These are people that always used to be early, they always used to show up and now they don’t show up quite as much as they did. That’s the first sign that they are starting to retreat. They’re starting to negotiate the price in their head. Lack of belief is starting to overcome them. They start listening to other people’s negativity, start looking for alternative options and it affects their ability to show up.

  2. They start telling you that they are busier than normal.

    Ugh. Man, it’s just been really busy lately.” Right, so what has you so busy these last six months that didn’t have you this busy the last 34 years of your life? Why now? Someone who is quitting will tell you that they’re busy.

    I just moved into a new house, I just got a new job. I just started seeing someone. I just started a new fitness routine. I’m just busy.” It’s not that they’re busy. Everybody is busy, everybody has stuff going on. They just lack belief, and they’re starting the process of quitting.

  3. They start telling you that they aren’t passionate about the mission, business or opportunity anymore.

    In our business, when people tell me they’re not passionate about it anymore or that they’re thinking of taking a step back in our business, I like to ask the question: “What part of our opportunity aren’t you passionate about anymore? Is it the fact that you get to go help middle income families achieve financial goals? Or, the idea that you could potentially change people’s lives? Or, is it the fact that you get to give people hope on a daily basis? Is it that you get to potentially travel the world with the firm? Or, give your kids a better life? Or, finally get paid what you’re worth? Because that’s all our business is. So what part of that aren’t you passionate about anymore? What part of that do you want to take a step back from?”

We all know it’s none of those things. It’s their lack of belief that they can achieve those things.

When you believe, you have everything. When you don’t, you feel like you have nothing. So, something that you need to remember: When you’re down, you have to remember, you have to keep the faith. Don’t make any rash decisions when you’re down, in a rut or feeling depressed and anxious. In those moments, don’t make any impulsive decisions that could impact your future.

I have a personal rule: I’m never allowed to quit today, I’m only allowed to quit tomorrow. And of course, tomorrow never comes because I’m always living in today.

You need to be able to recognize when you’re in a rut. You need to have that self-awareness to realize when you’re not thinking clearly. The difference between a rut and a grave is only about 6 feet. If you’re not careful, you will die in your business and your opportunity will die with you.

2 Ways to Increase Belief In Yourself & Others

  1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you more than they believe in themselves.

    Seek mentorship. Find a leader or leaders that you admire and learn from them. Be fully coachable. Once you’ve established that relationship, don’t block them out and don’t make any big decisions without running it by your mentor. Remember when you’re in a rut, you’re not thinking clearly. You are where you are at because of how you have been thinking, so you need help!

    Stop getting advice from jokers that have a job, when you’re trying to run a business. Think about it. Seek mentorship from people who have taken advantage of opportunities and succeeded and listen to that mentorship. At the end of the day, when the fire inside of you dies down, if you don’t have that mentorship, and that back bone to help you get through it, you will quit.

  2. Practice your craft.

    Practice. Practice. Practice.

    Ask yourself – am I developing the necessary skills to succeed? Have I even given this a fair shot? You don’t need to become more talented. You need to develop better skills and that only comes through dedication and hard work.

A lot people tell me they just need more support from those around them. But, how can people believe in you and support you when you appear to be making no effort? Why would people believe in you when you’re making no effort to believe in yourself? They can’t do it for you. They can’t lift the weights or read the books or make the phone calls and show up to the meetings for you. If you’re not doing those things, of course they won’t support you. And of course they will support you in quitting because they see you quitting already.

People notice when you’re not making a real effort so it’s so important to gain that belief in yourself. When you gain belief, people start to see.

In my life, no one believed in me in the beginning. I proved the doubters wrong and I proved the people that actually did believe in me finally right. Now, I’m surrounded by people who support me. I’ve never asked anything of other people that I don’t first ask of myself. If I believe in me, they believe in me – that’s how it works.

We all get to make our own decisions. Other people’s belief in you is tied to your actions and your actions are tied to your belief in yourself.

It all starts with your belief.

When you start to work on that, your whole world starts to open up.