What’s This Blog All About?

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  • business
  • Jan 12 2018

What You Can Expect to Find Here

Welcome! My name is Steve Holbrook, and this is my blog about leadership, mindset and living life well!  Having been diagnosed with a Crohn’s disease at a young age, I learned early on in life that our Mindset and Attitude creates the “lid” for our life.


How do you see the World?

Wayne Dyer said it best when he said “Attitude is an inner concept, it is the most important thing we can develop in our life.” A quote I strive to always live by. A strengthened Mindset will not only help enrich our life’s experiences and relationships, it will ultimately shape our entire future.  How we think, feel and respond to life’s most challenging moments has everything to do how we have conditioned our brain to react. In a world that’s so reactive to every news story, tweet and controversial Facebook post, taking a proactive approach to developing our Mindset will not only help us survive, but stand also out – beyond crowd. How needed it is in this fragile world riddled with approval addiction and celebrity worship syndromes.


Key Ingredients

In addition to mindset; preparation, work ethic and living a life of gratitude are the other key ingredients I focus on to help live a Life on Purpose. The ideas in this blog are from my life learnings, teachings I’ve heard and tips passed down from successful mentors who have helped make me the man I am today.

I am simply a man in pursuit of living purposefully with the intention to grow and make a positive impact on as many people as possible. These ideas have changed my life – I hope they have an impact on yours as well!