Taking on the Unexpected

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  • Sep 30 2019
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What’s up guys! Welcome back to another Momentum Monday my name is Steve Holbrook, and I’m so glad you’re with us today. 

Today’s podcast is going to be a little bit shorter. I want to get straight to the point,  and want to talk about some things that I’ve been experiencing. I’m not sure if you guys knew or not (it’s been on social media) but my wife and I recently moved across Canada, over 3,000 kilometers to a new city to expand our business. There’s a lot of challenges that come with that,  so as you’re reading this right now I want you to ask yourself this question: “Am I feeling overwhelmed?” And, if you are then this is for you.

The first thing I want to urge you to do is just stop for a second and take a deep breath. Take a deep breath because you need to know that everything is going to work out. Everything is going to be okay.

Sometimes taking on the unexpected can bring us down. See, we were all excited to try something new, but now we’ve taken it on or maybe something got dropped into our laps that we didn’t know we were going to have to deal with. Sometimes when you take on a new

Challenge – an unexpected challenge – you will have these moments where you feel overwhelmed. I just want you to know that that’s normal. I’ve felt those feelings. I’m feeling some of those feelings right now. 

A couple of days ago and I was driving in my car getting caught up in all the things that I have going on, and there was a moment where I said to myself;  “Did I get in too deep?” and for a moment those thoughts started circulating in my mind. I thought to myself, “Man, I don’t have a fully drawn out plan!” But, I reminded myself that you don’t always need a plan to be successful–sometimes you have to trust the process. I’ve had those overwhelming feelings, especially when there’s a lot of moving parts. 

It was only six weeks ago that we decided to move out to Ontario. We had so many things to do in order to make that happen: we had to find renters for the house that we own in Calgary, find an airBnB in Ontario, find an office to work out of in a market that we know nothing about, and all the challenges that come with that. Not to mention that we have three little kids that we’re homeschooling. Displacing three kids is a big deal! AND we have a 120 lb dog named Ollie (who we love as much as any of our kids) who needs to adjust to our new life as well. That’s a tall task!

So, what do people do when they enter into that phase of their life when they’ve bitten off far more than they can chew? 

For you it might be a new job or career path. You might have been placed in a new role with a company. There might have been something thrown on your plate that you didn’t expect, and now you have to step up. It’s easy at times to feel like your head is lifting off your shoulders, It’s easy to feel lost, it’s easy to feel scared. 

The natural instinct is always going to be to go back to where you came from–to what’s comfortable, what you know. Getting sucked back into that vortex of all the things that you used to be – all the things that you used to know. So, what do you do? 

When I enter into these situations with a certain mindset or a certain process, I just know in my heart that everything’s going to work out because I’ve been there before. If I’ve gotten through it before I can get through it again. And if I haven’t been there before, I know that I have access to mentors and leaders that have been there before. I just have to be willing to be blindly coachable to these mentors who have already been there, who are going to guide me. In a lot of circumstances they have a vested interest to see me succeed. 

So when I moved our entire family across the entire country without a completed plan I really needed to trust the process. I really needed to rely on my habits and my routines that have carried me this far in my life. The habits and routines that got me here today, as we’re sitting here today filming this podcast. It was my habits, rituals, routine that guided me to this place today to record this podcast. 

I have three quick things I want to share with you.  

Three tips to overcoming the unexpected: 

1. Don’t change your routine

Don’t change your routine. The best thing I did was when I moved my family here: I didn’t change my routine – especially my morning routine. Your morning routine is what’s going to guide you through the day. Most people when they get a new job, a new challenge, or something unexpected happens, they change their routine. They think “new opportunity to change my routine” and then get away from the routine that got them to where they’re at. Don’t change your morning routine.

 2. Immediately stop doing everything that’s not aligned with your purpose.

 I’m going to repeat that!  Immediately stop doing everything that’s not in line with your purpose! 

You have to eliminate things. You have to remove everything out of your life that is not in line with the most important “thing” that you’re after. We have all these time wasters that we’re a part of. If you’re involved with some things that are unexpected, if you feel a little bit overwhelmed, or you feel like your wheels are spinning a little bit –  you have to take a look at yourself and ask “What am I’m doing that I shouldn’t?” and immediately get rid of those thoughts and habits. 

3. Read your goals twice a day. 

You should go from once a day to twice a day. In fact, carry them with you! I was speaking with one of the gals on my team this morning.  She asked “Steve, how often do you look at your goals?” 

Every single day! 

I’m always so scared that things aren’t going to work out. I’m scared that everything’s going to fall apart. I’m scared that I’m going to work hard for years and I’m going to have nothing to show for it. So, how do I ensure success? How do I squeeze every ounce of certainty out of what I’m doing, so that I know almost for sure that I’ll be successful? I always have my goals with me. I always have my reasons. 

Your goals need to be clearly defined before you take something on. If you don’t know why you’re going to take something on, you’re not going to do it. “75 Hard” was a great example for me. For those who don’t know what “75 hard” is, Google it! 

75 Hard is a mental and fitness challenge that Andy Frisella put together for 75 straight days. This is what it involves:  

  • Workout twice a day and at least one of them has to be outside, and you can’t do those workouts back-to-back. 
  • Drink four liters of water every day, 
  • Read 10 pages of a good book every day.
  • Take a picture of yourself in the mirror every day.
  • No cheat meals!

This is every day for 75 days!

This challenge was something unexpected that was thrown on my plate. I had to figure out why I was going to finish it, because if I hadn’t figured out why, I would have never finished it. I had no plan early on–I decided 24 hours before I took the challenge that I was going to do it. But you know what I had? I had a process. I had habits. I had rituals. Once I figured out why I needed to do 75 Hard, it was one of the best things that I ever did in my entire life. Everything just came to fruition. And now here I am, 3,000 kilometers away from everything that I knew. I’ve never been more excited, never felt more confident, and never been more fired up in my entire life! 

This didn’t happen because I had a well laid out plan and I knew how everything would go. It happened because I have habits, rituals and routines that I refuse to break–that give me the certainty to know in my heart that it’s going to work out and everything’s going to be okay

I hope there’s something I said that resonated with you. If you get value from my blogs, all I ask is that you share this post on social media. I appreciate it! 

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I appreciate you guys so much. Have an amazing day, and I look forward to another powerful episode next #MomentumMonday.