100% Personal Responsibility

  • 3min
  • finance
  • Jan 12 2018
Spend more time looking in the mirror for the answers you seek, rather than looking out the window for them.

Have you ever noticed how many people around you feel THEIR schedule is the busiest, THEY work the hardest or THEIR problems are worse than everyone else’s? The people that blame everything and everyone else for all their issues? Most of us constantly go through life in a state of delusion thinking we have been “dealt a bad hand.” Taking 100% personal responsibility for your life is the only path to move beyond your current set of circumstances.


Everyone Faces Something

My favourite expression when mentoring a group of young entrepreneurs is this,

“if we all put our problems in a basket, shook it up and drew new problems, we would all want our own problems back.”

Don’t get me wrong, there is time and a place where getting through a difficult life event requires your undivided attention. Such as a terminal diagnosis, act of war or loved one passing, but let’s not lose perspective on the concept that everyone in this World faces a similar set of challenges at various times in their lives.


Why is this important?

It serves as a good reminder for the next time you feel like saying “why is this happening to me?” – because this is life, and life happens. We can choose to be a victim and seek sympathy, or we can choose to be a victor and push through. It’s never been about what “happens to us”, rather it’s always been about how we respond. We can’t always control what is happening around us, all we can control is our own attitude and our own activity.

It almost seems that people can’t wait for some bad news (in some twisted way), because now they can post about it, and the sympathy comments role in.  Let’s be honest, as much as I have an amazing family and friend group (the best!), nobody really cares about my problems. Sounds harsh? Here’s what I mean. They care, but the moment they go back into their world, they have almost immediately forgot about MY issues and for the most part are back in their own world of survival, dealing with their own issues.


Opportunity in Disguise

Every time life hits us with a setback, see it as an opportunity to rise up and help others push through – leading by example. If we can be the example in our own darkest moments, teaching those around us how to respond to crisis, can you imagine the ripple effect that would have on the world? Of course, this may be easier for some than others but at the end of the day it comes back down to mindset.

You can begin by accepting responsibility for your life, spending time looking in the mirror for the answers you seek, not the window. Once you master this concept you’ll be ready to act as a possibility thinker and relinquish the victim mindset. You’ll start realizing life setbacks don’t hit you so hard anymore.