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Social media is not an option for businesses. It’s an absolute must.

Obviously, for different types of businesses, different platforms work best. Depending on who you’re trying to reach, you could be on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many other platforms. Personally, for the business I’m building and the culture I’m fostering, I’m on all three – but Instagram is my jam.

So here we go, my 5 reasons you must embrace social media in business today:

  1. It’s like buying real estate in the 60s

If you could go back to the 1960s, how much real estate would you buy? Probably as much as you could.

Over time, the TV has replaced the radio, and now the smartphone is replacing the TV. I recently read a statistic that American adults are spending upwards of four hours a day on their smartphones. I remember a few years ago, people were spending, four, five, six hours a day watching TV – now it’s changed. Do you know where the majority of that time is spent? Social media.

If you could have a little plot of land, real estate, on someone’s smartphone, that they’re looking at every single day – for virtually no cost, how much would you want? All of it! That’s why it’s important to get on social media right now.

You’ll thank yourself five years from now.


  1. Without a strong social media presence, in the next 3-5 years you’re not going to be in business

If you don’t think your customers are checking your profiles on social media, you’re kidding yourself.

At my company, over the last five years at my company, I haven’t hired anybody without having combed through their social media profiles first. I go to people’s Facebook and Instagram pages, even before I check out their company website.

I equate it to this, I grew up in the 90s, and in the 90s if you weren’t in the YellowPages, you weren’t a real business. I think if you don’t have a social media presence in the next 3-5 years, you are not going to be a legitimate business. All of your competitors are getting on it.

If all of you are doing for marketing is door knocking, cold-calling and advertising on TV and it’s targeted to the 50-60 customers that come into your store – you’re totally missing out. Your competition may be addressing hundreds of thousands of people every week with their message online. You could be getting beat by someone who has an inferior product or service than you, simply because they are reaching more people through social media.

The companies on social media will be in business in the next few years and you might not be.


  1. It allows your audience and your customers to get to know you

Nowadays, people care more about who you are than what you know.

Your customers care about who you are.

If two companies can offer me the same product, I will always buy from the company that I feel the most connected to. By following a company on social media, you get a window into their world.

I used to sit down with people to talk about my business and they would ask me questions about myself. I would think to myself if they could just see what I see. If they knew the little details of who I am, they might be more inclined to buy or to join.

Now that window is possible.

The same reason you follow people that only add value to your life is the reason you have to show people who you are, what you stand for and how you offer value. You’re content builds trust. People want to buy from companies that represent a culture that they want to be a part of.

Customers feel good when they are supporting businesses that align with their values.


  1. There are no rules

With social media, you can show off your strengths are while still working on your weaknesses.

Social media is your highlight real. You create your world online. I’m not talking about not being authentic. I’m just talking about focusing on your strengths and making those shine through your online presence. If you’re great at making videos – post videos online. If you’re better at writing captions and blog posts, focus on that! But behind the scenes, start working on the areas that you need to get better at.

It’s still important to be vulnerable – occasionally and strategically. If you had a bad day or have a message, you feel you need to share with your online community, go ahead and be vulnerable. It’s good to open up but it’s still important to be strategic about your vulnerability.


  1. It’s 24/7 marketing

People may not even know that they need you until they find you. Once they find you, they may realize they need your services, or your mentorship or just your positive messaging and personality. Everything you’re putting out there is accessible to your audience now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s like having a fishing line in the water, all the time.

Traditionally, salespeople, wake up and spend 20 or so minutes making phone calls. In a business you have to reach out to people, that’s just what you do to grow.

There are 1440 minutes in a day, and If you only have 20 minutes to make sales calls, what are you doing with the other 1420 minutes? Probably not marketing yourself. But, if you have an online presence, you’re marketing 24/7.

Isn’t it the worst when you’re calling a friend and you know they hit the ignore button on your call? Do you know what’s worse? When they hit ignore and a few moments later you see them post to social media. It sucks, but there is something to be said for that.

People go on social media when they want to. When they go online, they are going to see your post when they’re ready. You don’t have to worry about missing them like a TV ad or a sales call.

You guys, there are so many mornings I wake up and see that 12-15 people have reached out to me on Instagram. People asking me about my business – while I was sleeping. It’s 24/7 marketing.


I want to end on this, the tug boat vs. the lighthouse.

Every day the tug boat wakes up in the morning, fills their tank of gas, tugs out to sea, finds boats that are broken down and drags them back to shore. The lighthouse, on the other hand, wakes up in the morning and just focuses on shining so bright, that it actually draws the boats to it.

I decided two years ago that I was going to start to be the lighthouse in people’s lives. That I was the one that was going to add value and help people with their mindset and draw them to me. That’s what this blog is about and what this community is about.