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This has been a huge week of gratitude for me. Gratitude for my family, for the wins I’ve seen throughout the week and for my team.

I intentionally do this regularly – reinforce the gratitude I have for the things in my life. Reviewing the amazing things I’ve experienced and the people that I have experienced those things with. One of these times was on our San Francisco trip when I had the privilege of hearing my team speak about their journey.

In this video Olecia talks about building self-belief. Casting a vision of where you want to be, and lighting the road towards achieving it. Something really amazing happened later on that trip. In a conversation with Ed Mylett he spoke of how he gets out of a rut, but also how he breaks through the ceiling, achieving his next ‘impossible’ goal. Setting his sights on that goal and moving himself into believing it, which then leads to attaining it.

As he spoke, I heard the same message that my team was preaching coming from my mentor Ed Mylett. To have that level of alignment straight from those under me to the top levels of our business is amazing!

Today is about setting your sights on new things. Take a look at what you’re grateful for – these are the things that will fuel you today. Then take a look at the things you will be grateful for in the future and start owning it. Don’t bother focussing on the rut. Break through and focus on what caused your success in the past and what impossible goal you’re going to achieve in 6 months.

Gratitude + Vision = Power