Structuring Your Life So Those Around You Succeed

  • 6.5min
  • business
  • Oct 08 2018
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Mindset. It’s all about your mindset!

But that also means you’re the one who lays the groundwork for the mindset of those around you. Everyone on my team is an entrepreneur – I also firmly believe everyone should be an entrepreneur. This translates to two things – we need to build a mindset in which we (as entrepreneurs) flourish, and second, we need to build an environment for those on our team so that they can succeed.

Attached above is an awesome interview I had with Ed Mylett. In it Ed talks a bit about his work with his team – intentionally structuring his life so that his team can succeed. In this video Ed highlights a few key ideas:

  1. Becoming an entrepreneur is a fear-based proposition – this is one of the primary risks to yourself and to the individuals on your team
  2. To counter this, you need to do as many things as you can (structurally) to create that sense of stability for yourself and your team
  3. Because of this structure you’re going to notice specific benefits:

    •   Better results from yourself

    •   Better results from your team

    •   The ability to “craft” the perfect day – every day of your week. The perfect balance of each of those critical tasks which make your business grow.
  4. Within this structure (in your schedule) begin building structures into your business relationships. Structure in how you talk, in how you ask and in how your team relates to you. Set the stage for your proper role in the team.

Once you start building these structures you’re going to see the benefits and watch them grow over time.

Enjoy the video and make sure you take notes!