Mentorship: Building Successful Leaders

  • 17min
  • business
  • Sep 24 2018
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For those of you who don’t know Ed Mylett, you’re in for a big treat. Ed has been my mentor (in business and in life) for a number of years now. He’s been massively successful in his life and has also poured a lot into mine.

In his journey, as well as in my own, we’ve seen the colossal impact of mentorship. I’m not talking about a ‘token’ mentor who you meet with once a year – this is intentional, world-shaking mentorship which transforms the trajectory of your life. In this interview Ed reveals a bit about his life and mentorship, discussing:

  1. His mentor transforming his life through continual affirmation and stubborn belief in his abilities
  2. Finding new mentors as he grew (and when he least expected them)
  3. What he does to intentionally build into his team – mirroring the same stubborn belief in them as he received when he was first starting

Enjoy the video!