Hit the Reset Button

  • 3min
  • business
  • May 15 2018
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Steve Holbrook here, welcome to my blog.

Today we will talk about one of my favourite strategies for a mental tweak:

Giving myself permission to hit the reset button

I see people all of the time that feel stuck in their life. I believe that one of the reasons that they feel that way is because they stopped doing the things that they were doing previously. The things that they were doing to become successful, to be happy, to fall in love. It happens in our faith, it happens in our fitness, it happens in our finances, it happens in our business. There are many reasons why this happens, but here is my philosophy:

You have to be able to give yourself permission to hit the mental reset button. If you don’t, you will never create the space in your mind that you need in order to get things going again. You’ll always be preoccupied with what hasn’t happened, or why you’re not winning, or why you can’t lose weight.

I GET IT! You’re not where you want to be. Neither am I.

It is a journey. It’s okay to be stuck, it’s just not okay to stay stuck. You have got to start taking the steps towards your new identity.

Most of the people that I see winning in my life are people that have accepted their past, are cherishing the present, and are speaking the future. I’m not saying that you need to forget where you came from – I am saying that the things that have happened to you in your life should not define you. Let those experiences shape you. Stop identifying with your past. Stop holding yourself back.

Most humans continue to play the old story in their mind – the story about who they used to be and where they came from. They think that people will always see them like that because that is how they have always seen themselves. IT’S NOT TRUE! There will never be a better time to give yourself a fresh start.

When I get stuck, there are three things that I need to get clarity on:

  1. Clarity of Purpose

    Why do I need to get out of this rut? What reasons do I have that are going to motivate me to get to where I want to be?

  2. Clarity of Aim

    What do I need to start doing again that I stopped doing in the past? I need to get back to these things.

  3. Clarity of Plan

    What is my specific action-plan? What will I do on a daily basis to get back on track? If I am leaving this up to emotions and how I am feeling about myself, I’m never going to get this thing done.


Can you imagine if you started to master the game and gave yourself permission to hit the reset button? The next time that your life started to feel out of control, you hit that button and gave yourself permission to have a fresh start and got some clarity in those three areas? You would start to see your world open back up. How would that make you feel?

It would be unbelievable.