Find Your Drive

  • 14.5min
  • business
  • Oct 01 2018
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The thing that sets winners apart from losers isn’t their talent, their abilities, their opportunities, or who their friends are. Winners win because they’re driven to win.

In this interview with Brett Hull, I got to hear first-hand about the drive he had behind every goal in every game. There’s an urgency to it. It’s what gets you up in the morning, makes you practice over and over again and keeps you up at night. And in the end it’s what makes you succeed.

After this video I want you to take a look inside yourself and ask 3 things:

  1. Winners are driven. So what goals drive you?
  2. Winners take that drive and refine it down to the most important goals. What are your most important goals each day?
  3. Winners learn from other winners. Brett learned from Wayne. Who’s in your life showing you how to win?

Enjoy the video!